Patrick has been a shelter worker at the Victoria Native Friendship Centre and worked as a volunteer with the REES Program at the Victoria Cool Aid Society.

A severely traumatic childhood, troubled youth and homelessness led to a 15-year struggle with addictions, including two overdoses. Nearly 20 years ago, he committed to a sober life and has been clean ever since.


As a recovery coach, he's interested in helping people achieve sobriety, discover their strengths and find workable solutions to obstacles in their lives. As an advocate for people living in poverty and for those with low/fixed incomes, he loves helping people get their taxes complete—if the government owes you money, he'll find it!


Benji is committed to helping people who are suffering, having worked through many of his own struggles with PTSD.


He's studied both psychology and business.

Benji has helped many on the front line, revived a number of individuals from opioid overdoses and talked people out of suicide.


Formerly he ran a group home for adults with developmental disabilities. He also has a passion for fish!